Harrah Industries
Transportation and Logistics

Our primary objective is simple - we wish to provide our valued clients with the best customer service available.

Like many of our competitors, we have an internet-driven platform that allows you to track your shipments online, but there is no substitute for dedicated personalized service.

Our team of professionals understands that every shipment, regardless of size or service level, is an absolute priority for both the shipper and the consignee.

The goal of all transportation companies is 100% on-time delivery. What separates Harrah Industries from our competition is how we react in the event of a service glitch. In the highly unlikely event that one of your shipments is not going to deliver on time, we notify both the consignee and shipper of the delay and what corrective action has been have taken.

The Harrah Industries team of career professionals understands we have to earn your business daily. Our devoted staff is dedicated to provide you with the excellent service that you deserve.

Value-driven solutions and outstanding customer service is our niche in the transportation and logistics industries.